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Programs at the Beech St Center

As we enter the colder month of the year, we will be moving our programs indoors to the Beech St Center. We will only be offering youth programs in a very controlled and responsible fashion. We will continue to monitor the current pandemic and stay on top of important information. 

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Beech Street Center
This is plan is going to be a dynamic document as programs proceed throughout this season.
INTRODUCTION:  We’ve made several changes in order to host programs this fall/winter. We will need everyone’s cooperation and flexibility to make these seasons a success. While we prepare to conduct all activities in the safest possible manner, please know that our programs will look different.
  • Do not drop off a program participant without confirming that there is a staff member on site. Participants must have a ride or leave the premises as soon as the program is over.
  • Participants must wear face coverings in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines. Participants will be responsible for bringing their own face coverings or masks.
  • Participants and staff MUST stay home if they feel sick or have come into contact with someone who has symptoms of COVID-19.
HEALTH SCREENING AND PREVENTING COVID-19 INFECTIONS:  All participants will be sent health screening forms before the program begins. You must turn in a health screening form OR complete the form online at every day before your scheduled program. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions on the screening form, you may not attend the activity without contacting Belmont Recreation first.
ENTERING & EXITING THE BEECH STREET CENTER BUILDING:  All participants will enter the building by the main doorway and proceed to the check-in desk. You will immediately go to your designated location for your program. If your program is upstairs, you will use the Main Staircase #1. Upon completion of your program, you will descend the Secondary Staircase #2 and exit to the courtyard.  All programs on the first floor will exit the building to the courtyard by the Library only.
CHECK-IN:  Each participant must check-in at the front desk, turn in a health screening form OR show that you’ve complete the form online, and sanitize their hands. Only registered participants are allowed to attend the program.
WATER:  Please bring a reusable water bottle clearly marked with the participant’s name.  There will be no options for refilling bottles.
CLEANING AND DISINFECTION:  Staff will clean and disinfect any high-touch surfaces. Staff will be responsible for sanitizing the building during programming time. The building will be cleaned by the Facilities Department.
BATHROOM:  There will be limited access to bathroom(s) in the program space.
We will send out an email as soon as a decision has been made to cancel an activity.
If the Belmont Schools are closed, we will not be running programs. If you are unsure, please call the Recreation Department 617-993-2760 or visit for updates.
Clean(ing) – Cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Cleaning works by using soap (or detergent) and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. This process does not necessarily kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.
Coronavirus – Any of a family (Coronaviridae) of large single-stranded RNA viruses that have a lipid envelope studded with club-shaped spike proteins, infect birds and many mammals including humans, and include the causative agents of MERS, SARS, and COVID-19.
COVID-19 – A mild to severe respiratory illness that is caused by a coronavirus (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 of the genus betacoronavirus), is transmitted chiefly by contact with infectious material (such as respiratory droplets) or with objects or surfaces contaminated by the causative virus, and is characterized especially by fever, cough, and shortness of breath and may progress to pneumonia and respiratory failure.
Disinfect(ing) – Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects. Disinfecting works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.
Contact Information: It is essential that the Recreation Department has a list of your emergency contacts in the case you are unavailable or cannot be reached. If your phone numbers change, please make sure you inform the Recreation Department.
Health Survey:  Each participant must hand in a health survey every day. This document will also be considered as your check-in. If you forget your health survey, a paper copy will be on hand at drop off.
Face Coverings and Masks: Participants must wear face coverings in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines. Participants will be responsible for bring their own face coverings or masks. If you forget your mask, you will not be allowed to stay at the program. Staff may choose to wear their own masks or one provided by the Recreation Department.
Email Communication: We will send out any communication during the day so please check your email.
Important Contact Information:
Belmont Recreation Department: 617-993-2760
Belmont Health Department: 617-993-2720
COVID-19 ILLNESS POLICIES and Guidelines for Stay Home
The Belmont Recreation Department would like participant to review the guidelines for keeping participants home due to illness or injury.
Stay home if sick Participants must stay home if they are feeling sick or have any symptom associated with COVID-19. Staff/ Volunteers if you are out sick you will need to call the Recreation Department ASAP to let us know.
A participant should not come to the program if they have:
  1. Fever of 100.4 or above in the last 24 hours. Participants must be fever-free for at least 24 hours without the use of Tylenol, Motrin, or other fever reducing medication prior to returning to the program.
  2. Vomiting more than once in the last 24 hours
  3. Diarrhea more than once in the last 24 hours
  4. Chills with other symptoms of illness
  5. Sore throat that has been present for more than 24 hours
  6. Strep throat – participants may return after 24 hours of antibiotic treatment, if they are well enough to participate in program
  7. Any eye inflammation accompanied by discharge may possibly be conjunctivitis. Participants with conjunctivitis may return after 24 hours of antibiotic treatment, if they are well enough to participate in the program
  8. Bad cold, with a runny nose or a productive cough that has kept the participant awake at night
  9. Head lice – please consult with your primary care doctor
  10. A communicable disease, such as Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), chicken pox, scabies, impetigo, pertussis, ringworm, and other diseases. Consult your primary care doctor
  11. In the past 14 days, if the participant has had close contact with a person known to be infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)
Communication with Participants, Families and Residential Program For health and safety reasons, communication between the participants and the Recreation Department is very important. Participants/ Families/ Residential staff should report all injuries and important medical information (fractures, sprains, surgeries, serious illnesses, etc.) to the recreation department as soon as possible. A doctor’s note, indicating physical restrictions or limitations, is required for all participants returning to the program with any activity-restricting device, such as crutches, casts, slings, braces, etc.
It is essential that the recreation department have a list of your emergency contacts in the case you are not available or cannot be reached. If your phone numbers change, please make sure you inform the recreation department.
Please note that these guidelines do not include all possible illnesses or health concerns. Should you need further information, please consult with your doctor and/or recreation department. Your cooperation will help provide a healthier and more productive learning environment for all of the participants and staff in the community.