Belmont Recreation
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Park Rules

Please note that for the 2021/2022 school year, Joey's Park will be available ONLY to the Winn Brook school students between 9:45am-2:45pm Monday-Friday.


Town Field— Waverley Street 
Pequossette (PQ) Park — Maple Street 
Winn Brook Fields -Waterhouse Rd 
Grove Street Park— Grove St 
Payson Park—Payson Rd 
Chenery Middle School Field— Washington St
Underwood Park - Cottage

The Recreation Commission and Recreation Department works to improve the parks, playgrounds and open spaces throughout town. The Recreation Commission has a 2 step process for parks projects and renovations. Phase 1: Design/Review and Phase 2: Construction. The Recreation Department is currently working with Activitias on an inventory and assessment of town parks assets. This will provide data to inform and schedule improvements throughout town.


Parks are open from 5:00am-9:00pm 

  • If frost or wet conditions are present, use should be suspended to prevent damage to the fields. 
  • Glass containers and littering is prohibited 
  • Use proper receptacles, do not over stuff barrels 
  • Bulk trash should be removed by user 
Permitted Groups 
  • Permits can be secured with the Recreation Department 
  • Permit holders should have permit at site during use 
  • Permit holders must adhere to locations and times issued 
  • Permit holders are responsible for ensuring area is neat and clean after use 
  • Permits are required annually and can be obtained at the Recreation Office 
  • Owners are responsible for supplying dog waste bags, pick-ing up and proper disposal 
  • Dogs should not be off-leash within 50’ of playground equipment 
  • Dogs should not be in playgrounds 
Off-leash hours are suspended when: 
  • A permitted group is using field 
  • DPW/Contractors are working on the field 
  • Fields are saturated with water 
  • When school is in session 
Dogs should be removed from the field if: 
  • They are digging in the field 
  • There is excessive barking 
  • They are aggressive to others