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We are extremely excited to see you all at the pool this summer! We have been working hard to craft the best plan for the pool this summer as the COVID-19 guidelines have evolved as recently as late May. We take the adjustments very seriously and they were recently endorsed at the Recreation Commission meeting on Thursday, June 10th. We look forward to seeing you all at the Underwood this summer!

1. The Underwood Pool will open on June 23rd at 100% capacity.

2. Even though we will open at 100% capacity, we will be following current safety and sanitation guidelines

3. Members will NOT be required to pre-register for a specific time block.

4. If you are interested in purchasing a pool membership, please add your name to the WAITLIST. We will be issuing tags to people on the waitlist on a regular basis. There are no limits to the number of RESIDENT tags we will issue this summer.

5. Please note that we want to be welcoming to all community members this summer. We want to recognize the varying comfort level of residents. Although we are considering various accommodations to make your visit a great experience, if you purchased a pool membership, but no longer feel comfortable going to the pool, due to the removal of all COVID-19 restrictions, you may request a full refund BEFORE June 21st, 2021. After June 21st, no refunds will be issued.

6. We will be opening a limited number of non-resident memberships (110).

7. We will be issuing physical pool tags to everyone for the summer. You may pick up your pool tags upon your first visit to the Underwood Pool.

8. Adult swim hours will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Mornings from 8am-9am. On most days, the lap lanes will be shared in use with swim team practices.

9. We will be starting Deep Water testing from scratch for anyone who is 48” or under. If you have previously passed a deep water test and are under 48” tall, you will need to re-take the test for the summer. We will record this information in our software system for future reference. If you are over 48” and are not a confident swimmer, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking the swim test. Please note that our lifeguards reserve the right to ask patrons to exit the water and take a swim test if they feel they should.
Opening day at the Underwood is currently scheduled for Wednesday, June 23rd. The closing day of the pool is scheduled for Wednesday, September 1st. 

Resident Fees
FAMILY – ($305)
SENIOR- ($50)
Non-Resident Fees
FAMILY – ($610)
*No Senior option*

Child Resident - $10
Adult Resident - $15
Child Non-Resident - $20
Adult Non-Resident - $25

Public Swim hours will be from 10am-8pm every day
*Subject to change in August due to loss of daylight*

  1. The deep end test will be conducted generally hourly throughout the day. Exceptions may be made by the pool supervisors.
Deep End Test Route: The “L” of the pool will be cleared of swimmers.  Test candidates will line up at the end of the lap lanes closest to the shallow end of the pool.  Upon entering the water, candidates will swim on their bellies halfway to the other end of the pool where they will begin floating on their back, they will do this for 10 seconds.  Candidates will then continue to swim on their bellies under each of the lane lines until they reach the ladder on their right side.  There they will hop out of the water and jump off the diving board.
Swimmers who have passed the deep end test previously within a summer do not need to re-take the test.  Their names should be recorded with the office staff and they will be wearing an identifying bracelet. 
  1. Slide: Only swimmers who are at least 48” tall or who have passed the slide test are allowed on the slide. For safety’s sake this is strictly enforced!
The guard on duty at the slide is responsible for clearing the stairs of the slide before allowing another swimmer to enter the slide.
  1. Flips are not allowed into the water. One bounce on the board is permitted. Only one person on the board at a time. NO jumping off the slide into the diving pit
  2. During public swim, keep children from playing in the lap lanes. These lanes should be used for either private lessons or for lap swimming.
  3. Bathing suits must be worn. No shorts or cutoff pants.  Children who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper, rubber pants AND a bathing suit.  Rubber pants can be purchased at the front desk for $3.00/pr.
  4. Swimmers MUST shower before entering the pool. Bathing suits must remain on.
  5. Any person with shoulder length or longer hair must secure their hair with a hair tie or a swim cap. If a person needs a hair tie, they are at the front desk at no charge.
  6. Persons with open sores, skin disease or other communicable disease are not permitted in the
  7. Absolutely NO flotation devices or snorkels allowed. If you see someone wearing any type of flotation device, act immediately to have them remove it. 
  8. Pool toys may be allowed at the Pool Managers discretion. Representatives from the Belmont Recreation Department may remove pool toys at any time.
  9. Eating is prohibited everywhere on pool grounds except the designated eating area.
  10. All Belmont pubic properties and grounds are designated NO SMOKING areas. This includes sidewalks and walkways directly around the pool.
  11. Persons shall not engage in threatening or abusive language or actions nor shall any discourteous, indecent or immoral conduct be tolerated. This type of behavior may result in ejection from the pool and/or loss of membership privileges.
  12. Persons shall not misuse, abuse, damage or tamper with Town property.
  13. All complaints or concerns should be directed to the supervisory staff of the Town.
  14. No one under the age of 10 will be admitted to the pool unless accompanied by an adult caregiver.
  15. The Town of Belmont, the Belmont Recreation Department and all pool employees will not be responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced personal possessions.
  16. Thunder and Lightning Policy: For the protection of all, the Underwood pool and locker rooms will be cleared of all patrons during a thunder and lightning storm. The pool will remain closed 30 minutes after the last thunder clap and 1 hour after the last sight of lightning.